Campsite Rules

We’re very flexible… but please don’t bend the rules!

Arrival on site – Opening and closing times

The campsite will open from 10am on Thursday 30th August and close on Monday 3rd September at 12pm. On arrival please come to the main Clubhouse car park and look for the camping registration sign. You will be booked in and directed to the camping car park and campsite. You need to register before you access the camping car park or you will be turned away.

Cars, parking and permits.

Parking for campers is in close proximity to where you can pitch your tents, so no cars are allowed onto the areas designated for tents. At camping registration a car permit will be issued. You will need to display this permit in the windscreen of your car before you reach the campsite as this entitles parking, please fill in the space on the permit with your contact number in case we need to contact you in an emergency.


All campers are guests of Bradford and Bingley Sports Club and as such the club reserve the right to eject anyone who becomes unwelcome.


Whilst it is great to have songs and music around the campsite, we would request that there is no amplified music played after 10pm in the campsite and noise is kept to a minimum. We hold no license for outdoor music after this time so you would be breaking the law.

Respect and enjoyment

Please enjoy and respect the landscape, riverbank by not littering or causing damage. We do have local residents adjacent to the campsite. Please be considerate by keeping the noise down at night and use the toilet facilities provided. They are our neighbour’s forever – you are our guests for a short period.

Disabled access

Although we have no specific disability camping areas set aside, access by wheelchair or electric mobility is possible on most of the estate. We do have disabled toilet facilities within the clubhouse. We can provide disabled parking if requested and this would be adjacent to the main clubhouse. Please Note: the camping takes place on grass fields and whilst the fields are inspected prior to the event, uneven surfaces do occur and care should be taken at all times. If you are disabled and wish to camp please contact us and we would be happy to assist.

Fire Safety

Never use candles in or near a tent – torches are much safer. Keep matches and lighters out of the reach of children. Don’t smoke inside tents. Have an escape plan, and be prepared to cut your way out of the tent if there is a fire. Make sure everyone knows how to put out a clothing fire – stop, drop and roll. Prevention is  key.

A fire can destroy a tent in less than 60 seconds. Avoid using naked flames inside tents. The above is only a guide to fire safety and you should take your own precautions and use common sense. Look out for the fire points where buckets of water and sand are available.


There are no power points available in the camping area. We have however installed a mirror and power socket in the ladies shower area for your hair dryers. Please bring a torch for the loo at night as there is limited lighting.

Mobile phone charging

A charging system is available in the clubhouse.

Waste disposal 

Please use the black bin bags provided and clear the waste you produce into the bins around the site, regular pick up of waste will be carried out over the weekend by volunteers. Please do not leave tents at the end of the weekend and be considerate about tent pegs as they cause injury to our young sportsmen if left in the ground and not found.


Illegal substances are not permitted anywhere on the estate. If you are found in possession of illegal substances you will be asked to leave without refund and the police WILL become involved. Please note that the Sports Club Management has the right to refuse entry to the estate on the grounds of unruly behaviour or apparent severe intoxication and we will.

Alcohol – GLASS

Alcohol in GLASS is not allowed to be brought onto our estate, there are bars in the clubhouse and off sales are also available. GLASS is what we do not want. Anyone found with GLASS anywhere on site will be ejected with no refund. You have been warned, there are no excuses for this, these are playing fields and buried broken glass cannot be found with metal detectors. The welfare of our players is very important to us and we treat this as a severe breach of trust we place in you as our guests.


Do not leave children (aged under 18) unattended in the camping area.  We reserve the right to ask those who do not comply with these requirements to leave the camping site.

First aid

The security staff  are First Aid trained and there will also be a First Aid trained person available in the clubhouse when it is open.


Only Assistance dogs will be allowed on the estate.

Campfires and BBQ’s

We do not allow any kind of fire on site, there is no set aside space for this and flouting of this rule will mean you will be removed from the campsite.  Off ground BBQ’s are allowed

Chinese lanterns

We do not allow Chinese lanterns as these are a fire hazard and are banned in the area by the council authorities.


SIA Security staff will patrol the campsite from Friday evening to Monday morning.  Please don’t leave valuables unattended at any time. Lock them away out of sight in your vehicles.


Breakfast will be available each morning from 8am to 11am Friday to Monday in the clubhouse along with a snack menu at other times. Concession stands selling most food types are available across the estate.

Tent pitches 

Please be considerate when pitching your tent. The site will be marked to denote camping areas and emergency access corridors. Please pitch your tent where directed by the campsite staff. The emergency access corridors will be patrolled at regular intervals and any tents encroaching on these lanes will be removed

Showers and toilets

Hot showers are provided in the Rugby changing rooms across the bridge and will be open from 8am each morning until 11am. Temporary toilet facilities will be available on the campsite and across the estate.

Toilet rolls: Although we have tried to provide toilet rolls in the past, we would suggest you bring your own. If you forget don’t worry they can be purchased along with some other essentials in the clubhouse. Ask a steward for assistance.

Drinking Water 

There are 2 external drinking water points across the site.  On the outer wall of the canoe club and Rugby changing rooms. Bottled water will be available in the clubhouse bars.

Useful information

The Clubhouse will be open to campers whilst they are staying with us, wristbands issued by Beescamping need to be worn at all times.